Conciergerie privée, Intendance globale de résidences à l'année
Conciergerie privée, Intendance globale de résidences à l'année

Home Services +objective’s is to bring a precious and sustainable help to your property by management services when you are away, and to prepare as well the best possible your (or loved ones, friends, colleagues…) arrival in St Raphael area.

In brief, we want to answer as fully as possible to your needs and demands for you to be comfortable during your holidays stay.


Each prestation is defined conscientiously with each owner regarding his needs, resquests and special caracteristics of the appartment or house, and so generate a "tailor-made" product.

Among our most asked services, for your information, we can identify nonetheless our annual "Zen Formula" starting from 979€ TTC :


It is composed by :


- 1 inspection visit a month (+1 exceptional visit in case of bad weather or emergency), 

- Systematic report (under 48H) with check of the property integrating : 

- General inventory with support pictures if eventual exterior or interior damages,

Metres statement to quickly identify possible leaks and avoid every overconsumption,

- Check of all household appliances and electronics (swimming pool, alarms, automatic watering…),

- Ventilation of the residence,

- Raise of your letter box, sorting and reforwarding important mails (once a month),


This standard formula is proposed from 100€ TTC monthly package, brought back from 979 € TTC for an annual maintenance.


We will answer to your demand under 36h and come to see you for free for all quote request.



Home Services  +

Chez Helio Copy

14 rue henri Vadon

83700 Saint Raphaël 


Vous pouvez nous joindre au :

You can contact us at :

06 12 64 96 45


Ou en utilisant notre formulaire de contact ci-joint.

Or by using the attached website contact form


Pour faire appel à nos services vous pouvez nous contacter de 08h00 à 19h00

7 jours/7

To call on our services, you can contact us from 08h00 AM to 19h00 PM.



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